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  Homeopathic Flu Vaccine

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The Importance of Homeopathic Vaccines

Natural flu remedies are an important way to protect yourself against the impending flu season, and a homeopathic flu vaccine will help fight the flu before you are exposed to the virus. With a natural homeopathic vaccine, you can decrease your chances of getting sick this flu season.

How Natural Remedies for the Flu are Made

A weakened version of this season’s virus is used to make the homeopathic flu vaccine. If something happens and you do contract the flu you, are guaranteed to be sick for less time and with much milder symptoms.

Take the vaccine as a natural remedy for the flu, using ¼ of the vial once a week for a month. Because this remedy is a natural one, you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals that come with the conventional flu shot.

It's time to start boosting the immune system for the change of seasons and keep your self vibrant and healthy through the upcoming fall and winter months! We are heading into flu season and we have the perfect solutionfor everyone who is looking for the safe, gentle, effective alternative to the conventional flu vaccines.

We have the 2013-2014 Homeopathic Flu Vaccine!

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Based on past years experience, this will help to keep you healthy through the flu season. If you do come down with the flu like symptoms, they likely will be milder and shorter in duration. Dosage is 1 vial per person, which is dosed ¼ of the vial one time a week for 4 weeks. You can start as soon as you receive it. The cost is $10 per vial plus shipping (regardless of how many remedies ordered.)

Answers to frequent questions??

-Yes, it is safe and effective for infants, seniors, and people of all ages.

-No, there are no interactions to worry about with any prescription medications or supplements.

-Even if you do receive the conventional vaccine, it is a good idea to take the homeopathic vaccine as well because it can help to offset the negative side effects of conventional crude dose vaccination, which per the CDC, do happen.

-This remedy is different than the over the counter non-specific flu remedies like Oscillinum, which contains several different classical homeopathic remedies that cover general symptoms of the flu or Influenzinum. Our Flu Remedy is actually made from the actual flu strain and gives the best chance of covering what this years strain will be. It eliminates any guessing at what the strains will be. Of course, it does not replace the best individualized homeopathic remedy for each case!

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